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Our Story

Gift card industry is growing so fast with around $160B in gift card were sold in 2018. However, behind this tremendous sales number ($160B) is a great amount of money wasted on unused gift cards. At platform GIFTCARDSAVING.COM, we create a marketplace for buyers who can buy discounted gift cards on their favorite brands, and for sellers who want to convert their unwanted gift cards to cash.
Our Roots

Our Founding

Starting in 2018, Giftcardsaving was ebtablished by a team with three fellows, all eager to start their entrepreneurship. 3 people in 3 various jobs decided to run a business which are not involved to their field because they realized that a large of amount gift cards go unused each year. Giftcardsaving platform come out to help customer saving money by providing a win-win process: turning unwanted gift card into cash and buying favorite gift cards at a discount.
Our Mission

Our purpose

Saving you money

We’re passionate about putting more in your pocket. With the highest payout rates in the industry, our goal is to help you spend more on what you really love.

Making it secure

Our verified system monitors each and every transaction, so you can buy and sell gift cards with total safety and confidence.

Keeping it simple

Why complicate things? Through short turnaround times, step-by-step processes, and a customer-focused approach, we make saving money as quick and painless as possible.

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