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Frequently Asked Questions

Selling Gift Cards

How is gift card selling process worked?
Get your card ready then follow some simple steps to sell your unwanted gift cards to us.
How much will I receive after gift card is sold?
Each brands are offered with various rate up to 92%.
How can I receive the payment?
We will process the payouts by ACH or Check.
What kind of gift cards can you accept?
We accept both egift card and physical card.
Can I sell gift card in bulk?
If you want to become bulk seller, please let us know at
How can I send the physical card?
Once your physical card is sold, you must ship your card within 2 business days. We will send you the prepaid USPS label, then you print, paste to the envelope and dropoff. The shipping fee will be counted on your payout. Egift card will be send to email of buyer with no shipping fee.
Why do you ask for my credit card in selling gift card?
We have to do it because in case of the gift card is lost value, we can charge your credit card to recover the amount we paid you plus the chargebacks fee.